Black magic tricks

There are many magicians considered to use black magic in their shows. This opinion happens because the magicians wonderfully present black magic tircks kamdevmantrahindiunbelievable miracles on stage or on TV magic shows, such as flying from building to building, walk through solid building, vanishing very big objects, or cutting woman into half right in front of the spectator name. Some names can be mentioned when we relate the magic shows with magic tricks such as David Copperfield, Criss Angel, or David Blaine. So, were they use any black magic or it is purely “black magic tricks”? Let us try to find out the answer in this article.

How to do black magic?
Simple example of black magic tricks that can be done for entertainment purposes. Great trick, recommended to learn.

Criss Angel Tricks Revealed
A scientific ways to find the answer from something illogical. Scientific revelation of Criss Angel magic tricks.

Too often it seems so called experts on FOX and other infotainment network outlets stereotype “hackers” and sensationalize “hacking,” so my goal with this part of my site is to put the risks into prospective and show people a few simple tricks of the trade.

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